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Welcome To Pluto

Personal finance made doable

No more microbudgets. No more ugly graphs.
Reach your saving goals with simple, personalized challenges.
Take real action on spending and saving. All for free with Pluto.

Managing your money shouldn't be hard.

Pluto makes personal finance less complex. Focus on spending smarter in only the places that hurt, while easily setting aside funds for the stuff that matter.

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How does Pluto work?

Saving Goals

Save with purpose

Set goals for the stuff you need & want, and never lose sight of them. Pluto will help you make your goals come to life.

Spending Challenges

Spend smarter with fun, simple steps

Take on bite-sized “Spend Less” challenges for different categories or merchants you spend too much on. Pluto analyzes your spending to personalize the challenges for you.

Actionable Savings

Reach your goals with every small win

Spend below your average in any category or merchant, and easily set aside the difference towards any goal(s). Pluto’s smart alerts & challenge trackers help you win the saving game.

Automatic Tracking

Know your money, effortlessly

Pluto automatically tracks, categorizes and analyzes your transactions across all accounts. You’ll even learn new and useful things about your money everyday with our Insights.

As secure as your bank

As secure as your bank

We don’t compromise on your security and privacy, period. Your bank login credentials are never stored. All sensitive and personally-identifiable info are secured & encrypted with bank-level security. We partner with fintech industry leaders that champion safety and security.


  • 1. Set Goals

    Make them as general, specific or open-ended as you want.

  • 2. Link Accounts

    Securely connect your bank accounts so Pluto can work its magic.

  • 3. Pick Challenge

    Save magically when you spend smarter - it’s fun and simple.

Personal Finance without the BS.

Got a bucket list or wish list?
It's time to #makeithappen with Pluto -
the fun, simple way to manage your money.

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